Our Team

EVCOR COPPER PLUMBING INC. is owned by Bobby Cortez, a mechanical engineer, who has years of experience in engineering design and construction.

Evcor teamThe engineers in the company have more than one hundred years of service combined, complete with 3 foremen and 12 plumbers. EVCOR is made up of a solid, professional team; clients are guaranteed no outside subcontractors will ever be involved in the facilitation of a job. Our men do all their own patching and retouching, as well, and are very experienced in this skill. On top of their experience, the workers receive continuous training and on-the-job evaluation and checks, thereby assuring clients of consistent high standard of work quality.

In addition, we pledge the following to our clients:

  • We are a licensed California plumbing contractor.
  • We provide engineered plumbing work.
  • Employees have years of experience and undergo continuous training and evaluation.
  • We are current with workers compensation insurance, with $1,000,000.00 liability insurance.
  • All EVCOR technicians are uniformed.
  • Employees are paid hourly with full compensation and bonuses.
  • Holes opened during re-piping are patched, ready for paint or wallpaper. Our team does all the patching and retouching, and is highly skilled in this level of work. (Note: Texture is included to match existing, but not sanding.)
  • All jobs are permitted and with inspection.
  • We are happy to provide references and testimonials.
  • We protect all areas or work from dust and debris such as floors and walls with cloth and plastic covers.
  • We will clean-up the area each day prior to leaving the job.
  • We guarantee that water is available to the homeowner each night prior to leaving the job.
  • All EVCOR technicians speak English.
  • Foremen and supervisors are within reach at all times via cell phones and land lines.