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Copper Re-Piping

EVCOR COPPER PLUMBING INC is a general plumbing company, however, our specialty is copper re-piping. Copper re-piping means replacing the old corroding galvanized pipes inside the walls, floors and ceilings of houses, apartments and condominiums with copper pipes. This is done through planning, engineering and management of the entire work, from the point of the first leak to total completion of the re-piping.

From the soldering, bracing or clamping, insulation and patching of holes opened during re-piping, EVCOR’S system and style stands out because of the highest quality of workmanship. Our approach includes the use of quality materials (all U.S. made). We guarantee leak-free installation and worry-free operation with a limited lifetime warranty.

Advantages of Copper Re-piping with EVCOR

There will be:

  • More water volume or more water coming out of faucets after re-piping.
  • Cleaner water, generally without rust or corrosion and without foul odor.
  • More efficient water heater or economy on gas usages as there will not be any rust residue or rust granules at the bottom of the water heater, which act as a buffer between the burner and the water in the tank.
  • Less maintenance on the water filters and nozzles.
  • Chances of a pipe leak are almost negligible, which eliminates potential water damages.
  • Better water pressure control or management.

In addition:

  • Copper pipes are durable, safe and do not rust; they usually last more than 50 years.
  • Homeowners can run their fixtures, such as, washing machines, dishwashers, and shower all at the same time while maintaining comfortable water pressure and volume.
  • Copper re-piping helps raise the resale value of many properties.
  • Copper is also biostatic, which prevents the growth of bacteria, ensuring safe potable water for a long time.
  • Copper pipes will increase the values of homes and buildings.

EVCOR is also a specialist in general plumbing

EVCOR will fix regular plumbing problems such as leaks, sewer clogs, clogged drains and more. We will replace fixtures (shower valves and handles, lavatory and kitchen fixtures, replace toilets, etc.); we also install tubs and shower enclosures. We replace shower pans, either with fiberglass or with vinyl liners. And we are able to replace the main water supply line from the city meter to the house.

All of your plumbing needs, we handle with professionalism and expertise.

Copper Plumbing Services